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Jay Walsh Joseph (Jay) Walsh
Vice President for Research
Ann Adams Photo Ann K. Adams
Associate Vice President for Research
Alicia Loffler Alicia Löffler
Associate Vice President, Innovation and New Ventures
Jian Chao Jian Cao
Associate Vice President for Research

Meg McDonald Meg McDonald
Assistant Vice President for Research
Rex Chisholm Rex Chisholm
Associate Vice President for Research
Lew Smith Lewis J. Smith
Associate Vice President for Research
Philip Hockberger Philip Hockberger
Assistant Vice President for Research
Fruma Yehiely Fruma Yehiely
Associate Vice President for Research
  Sheryl Sloan

Sheryl Sloan
Assistant Director
to the Vice President for Research

Administrative Offices

Center for Comparative Medicine (CCM)

CCM supports all animal use in research, testing, and education at the University
Lisa Forman, Executive Director, CCM
Phone: 312-908-6429


Conflict of Interest (COI)

Oversees and implements the University's institutional, research, faculty, and staff conflict of interest policies and procedures • Ensures University compliance with applicable conflict of interest regulatory requirements • Provides guidance and support to the University community regarding conflict of interest policies, systems, standards, and procedures • Administers and supports the activities of University Conflict of Interest Committees.
Julia Campbell, Director, COI
Phone: 312-467-3938


Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC)

Reviews and approves all new animal study protocols (ASP), annual certifications, and addenda • Assists investigators in planning and conducting experiments in accord with the highest scientific, humane, and ethical principles and in conformity with relevant laws, regulations, and policies • Serves as a liaison between investigators and the federal government • Safeguards the welfare of animals
Mandy Kozlowski, Director, IACUC
Phone: 312-503-9339

Innovation and New Ventures Office (INVO)

Facilitates commercialization of University's innovative technologies for public use and benefit • Protects the inventors' and University's rights in novel technologies, copyrights, and software • Markets technologies to industry and investors • Provides coaching and networking to create start-up companies (for profit or non-profit) based on University innovations that benefit society • Structures and negotiates license agreements
Alicia Löffler, Associate Vice President
Simone Edwards, Director of Operations
Phone: 847-491-3005


Institutional Review Board (IRB)

Reviews and approves research projects involving human subjects or identifiable private information obtained from human subjects • Assists investigators in planning and conducting experiments in accord with the highest scientific, humane, and ethical principles and in conformity with relevant laws, regulations, and policies • Serves as a liaison between investigators and the federal government • Safeguards the rights and welfare of human subjects
Eileen Yates, Assitant Director, IRB
Phone: 312-503-2616


Office for Export Controls Compliance (OECC)

Maintains and promotes University's export controls compliance program • Partners with offices across the University to ensure a unified approach to compliance with various export control laws • Provides training and outreach to the Northwestern research community
Lane Campbell, Director
Phone: 847-467-4063


Office for Research Communications (ORC)

Enhances communications within the Northwestern research community and promotes Northwestern Research
Matt Golosinski, Director
Phone: 847-467-1735


Office of Research Development (ORD)

Facilitates interdisciplinary programs and collaborations • Provides programmatic support for the development of complex, interdisciplinary grant proposals • Identifies and disseminates funding opportunities to targeted faculty • Manages the institutional limited submissions process • Provides guidance and resources for early-career investigators
Fruma Yehiely, Associate Vice President for Research
Nicole Moore, Director
Phone: 847-491-1074


Office for Research Integrity (ORI)

Promotes responsible conduct and appropriate administration of all University research • Identifies compliance risks • Develops effective ways to minimize and manage research risks • Provides research training and education
Lauran Qualkenbush, Director
Phone: 312-503-0054


Office for Research Information Technology (ORIT)

Provides information technology infrastructure, including personnel, budget, software development tools, hardware, documentation, policies, and training opportunities to the Office for Research and its constituents
Steve Moyano, Director
Phone: 847-503-1680


Office for Research Planning, Administration and Finance (ORPAF)

Provides decision support to manage the research infrastructure, including the utilization of financial, human and space resources • Serves as the senior administrative office for the University Research Centers
Meg McDonald, Assistant Vice President for Research
Ellen Feldman, Director of University Research Center Administration
Phone: 847-491-2101


Office for Research Safety (ORS)

Develops, implements, and coordinates the chemical, biological, radiation, and general laboratory safety programs for the University for hazardous chemicals, sources of radiation, and human blood or other potentially infectious human materials • Assures University compliance with federal, state, and local regulations
Michael B. Blayney, Executive Director
Andrea Hall, Director, Chicago Office
Evanston Phone: 847-491-5581
Chicago Phone: 312-503-8300


Office for Sponsored Research (OSR)

Assists in proposal development • Reviews and endorses proposals • Negotiates agreements • Accepts and appropriates awards • Interprets guidelines and promotes compliance with sponsors and University policies
TBD, Executive Director, Chicago Unit
Kelly Morrison, Interim Executive Director, Evanston Unit
Phone: 847-491-3003


Core Facilities Administration

Develops, maintains and advances state-of-the-art research facilities that are essential to the research mission of the University • Responsible for strategic planning, marketing and tactical business management of research facilities as well as professional development of directors and managers of facilities
Philip E. Hockberger, Assistant Vice President for Research
Evanston: 847-467-1509
Chicago: 312-503-5625

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