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Current Information Regarding the Government Shutdown

Last Updated: October 23, 2013 - 9:10am

Please refer to the specific federal agency website for guidance concerning revised proposal submission deadlines, progress reports, final reports, and meeting all other grant/contract obligations that were affected by the federal shutdown. To the best of our ability, we will post agency-specific updates.

Please forward any new notices to Joan Naper at for posting on the "Federal Restart" portion of our website.

Latest Updates

US Government Restart

10/24/2013 - NIH To Reschedule Peer Review Meetings

10/23/2013 - NIH - Revised Guidance on Resumption of NIH Extramural Activities Following the Recent Lapse in Appropriations

10/22/2013 - Revised due dates for NSF funding opportunities that fall between October 1-25

10/21/2013 - eRA Information: eRA Commons, ASSIST, and IAR Are Now Accessible

10/21/2013 - NIH Update from AAU

10/18/2013 - NSF - Important Notice to Presidents of Universities and Colleges and Heads of Other National Science Foundation Grantee Organizations

10/17/2013 - NIH Notice on Re-opening

10/17/2013 - Note from NIH on end of government shutdown

Archived US Government Shutdown Information

10/16/2013 - Current Status of NIH Extramural Operations

10/7/2013 - Office of Justice Programs - Important Notification: Lapse in Federal Government Funding

10/7/2013 - Access to Restored

10/2/2013 - Society of Research Administrators International Federal Shutdown Information

10/2/2013 - NIH directive on proposals

10/4/2013 - Updated Information on CDC Grants During the Government Shutdown

Government Shutdown FAQ 10/1/2013

If I have a federal grant or contract already, what is the expected impact if the shutdown lasts one to ten days? Can I continue to spend on my grant/contract?

Spending may continue if the award has already been received (and chartstring set up) barring receipt of a stop work notice, termination notice or other such notification. If you should receive such a notice, immediately forward it to OSR. OSR will work with the PI and departmental staff in providing guidance to sub-recipients as well. Cooperative agreements and contracts will likely be impacted if the shutdown is extended for a long period, due to federal participation in the project.

If my federal grant/contract is up for renewal shortly after October 1, what is the expected impact if the shutdown lasts one to ten days?

Proposals (new, renewal, etc.) may not be accepted--refer to agency-specific communication on the shutdown and/or the solicitation deadline. Note that the functionality of proposal submission and award management systems may be impacted. New and renewal funding will likely be delayed until the 'shutdown' ends.

Here are some agency links that might be helpful for information about specific agency plans:

Department of Agriculture:

Department of Commerce:

Department of Defense: Guidance-Potential Shutdown-23SEP13-Signed.pdf

Department of Education:

Department of Energy:

Department of Health and Human Services (including NIH):

For the duration of the funding lapse, applicants are strongly encouraged not to submit paper or electronic grant applications to NIH during the period of the lapse. Adjustments to application submission dates that occur during the funding lapse will be announced once operations resume. For any applications submitted immediately prior to or during the funding lapse, here is what will happen.

For electronic submissions through will be open and can accept electronic applications. However, applications will not be processed by NIH until the eRA Systems are back on-line. NIH will ensure that all applications submitted within the two business days before or during the funding lapse will receive the full viewing window once the systems are back on-line.

For electronic submission of multi-project applications through NIHís ASSIST system: The ASISST system will not be available until NIH systems are back on-line.

Paper Submissions: Staff will not be available to receive paper applications during a funding lapse.

The safest course is to wait to submit any application to NIH until after operations resume and a Notice in the NIH Guide concerning adjusted submission dates is posted.

Department of Homeland Security:

Department of the Interior:

Department of Labor:

Department of Transportation: 2014 Plan for Approp Lapse.pdf

Environmental Protection Agency:

National Aeronautics and Space Administration:
FAQs for NASA:

National Science Foundation:

The NSF website including FastLane and will be unavailable. NSF will not be available to respond to emails or phone calls during the shutdown, but will respond to your inquiries as soon as practicable after normal operations have resumed.

US Agency for International Development:

Veterans Affairs Department:

If I am expecting a new grant or contract in the next few days, what is the expected impact if the shutdown lasts one to ten days?

Awards will likely not be issued, as agency staff and electronic administrative systems may not be available. Refer to agency-specific communication on the shutdown. Per usual, spending on awards or award modifications not yet received (new, continuing, or renewal) is at the discretion and risk of the PI. Pre-spending requests must be endorsed by the appropriate department chair, center director, and/or dean. Note that award actions under negotiation (new, renewal, etc.) as well as multi-year contracts that end after September 30 may be delayed by the sponsor.

If I have a proposal deadline while the government is shut down, how should I proceed? will continue to accept proposals, but some proposals (new, renewal, etc.) may not be accepted if the program has been suspended--refer to agency-specific communication on the shutdown and/or the solicitation deadline. Note that the functionality of proposal submission systems may be impacted.

If I am scheduled to have contact with an agency (e.g., to visit my program officer/manager at his or her office) shortly after October 1, how should I proceed? (e.g., will the PM have email access, will he or she be at work, will someone answer the phone?)

We suggest that you consider rescheduling after the shutdown ends. Non- critical Federal agency employees responsible for operational and administrative responsibilities may not be at work, due to lack of funding. Refer to agency-specific communication on the shutdown.

I am scheduled to conduct research at a national lab (e.g., Argonne or Fermi). Will it be open?

Generally national labs are government owned, but contractor operated and thus the contractor is likely to have sufficient funds to operate as usual for a short while. Naturally, before you make a significant trip to a lab you should double check that they are ready to receive you.

Argonne National Laboratory:

Fermi National Laboratory:

Will my grant or contract invoice get paid?

The functionality of automated payment systems may be impacted. Refer to agency-specific communication on the shutdown.

Who can I talk to on campus about the impact of the shutdown on my proposal and/or award?

Specific questions may be directed to cognizant OSR Grants Officers on each campus. They will respond as soon as possible.

Do I submit reports during the shutdown?

Submit progress reports, final reports, interim and final invention statements, and fulfill all other obligations according to the award terms and conditions. If the standard federal electronic portals are not functioning, OSR will work with the PI and departmental staff to identify an alternate means of submission.

How do I get required approval?

Certain activities require prior federal approval. In these instances, it is advisable to delay the activity until after the shutdown so that it may receive a proper federal review.

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