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Creating New Knowledge
Creating New Knowledge

NSF Highlights Northwestern's Research

The National Science Foundation has publicized research conducted by Northwestern researchers who are funded by the agency. Links to these articles are posted below.


Steve Jacobsen New evidence for oceans of water deep in the Earth
Helping Young Cancer Patients Protect Their Fertility
Spider Phobia Cured with 2-Hour Therapy
Striking Photo Reveals Dark Side of Sunshine
Blood Test May Reduce Stigma of Depression
Can Humans See 'Spooky' Quantum Images?
Robots Could be Future Playmates for Kids
Unconsciously, Everyone Wants to Date a Hottie
Infants Grasp Gravity with Innate Sense of Physics
Is April Fools' Day Dying?
Electronic Tattoo Monitors Brain, Heart, and Muscles
Study Reveals Why Lefties Are Rare
Why Does Our Universe Have Three Dimensions?

Why Faces of Other Races Look Alike


People See Odd Numbers as Male, Even as Female
Astrophysicist Unfolds Mysteries of First Galaxies
Jet-Engine Hips? Metal Implants Produce Lubricant in Body
Who Wouldn't Pay a Penny for a Sports Car?

2011 Articles:
Happy Teens Become Healthy Adults
Supersize Food Choices May Be Linked to Status Seeking
Capturing the Fugitive...In Art
Video: Technology Visualizes How Matisse Changed 'Bathers'
Native Tools: Shape Copper with Fire, Stone
Addressing the Nuclear Waste Issue
Not Just for Raincoats
Making a Point
Breakthrough in Converting Heat Waste to Electricity
Cracking a Tooth
Better than the Human Eye
Farther and Farther Apart
Empathy Gap: Why Some Can't See Bully Victims' Pain
Why You Should Hold a Grudge Against Your Spouse
Developing a Light-based Cancer Detection Tool
Seashells Get Their Strength from Interlocking 'Bricks'
Delving into the Mind of a Dictator

2010 Articles:
After Big Bang Came Moment of Pure Chaos, Study Finds
WikiLeaks Secrets: Is Gossip Good?
Estrogen Makes You Smarter by Helping Brain Cells Chat
To Maintain Lifelong Weight, Start Exercise Habits Young
Edible Nanostructures
Nano-pen Draws 15,000 Images of Chicago Skyline
Male Menopause: Reality or Myth?
Generation Gaps Matter for Students Seeking Hotshot Mentors
I Feel Your Pain, Unless You're from a Different Race
Understanding Relationship through Speed Dating
Researchers Use Science to Identify Soccer Stars
Good Bacteria Eat Bad Greenhouse Gas
Breakups Cloud Sense of Self
Anti-Drinking Ads Induce More Drinking in Some People
Baby Talk Matters
Follow the Money: Human Mobility and Effective Communities

2009 Articles:
The Invisible AIDS Victims: How Women Cope
Making Computers Think Like a Journalist
Recent Midwest Quakes Called Aftershocks from 1800s
Memories Can be Strengthened While We Sleep by Providing the Right Triggers
Online Labs Aim to Revolutionize High School Science
Permafrost Could be Climate's Ticking Time Bomb
Libraries, Food Banks Benefit from Transportation Modeling
Germs May Be Good for You
Antidepressants Can Change Personalities
Why Men Cheat: A Year of Philandering
Cleanliness May Foster Morality
Temptation Harder to Resist Than You Think, Study Suggests
'Worst-Case' Scenario for Flu Estimated
Eating at Night May Put on Pounds
Study Suggests Why Gut Instincts Work
Fine-tuned Brains
Respect for Sacred Values is Key to Conflict Resolution
'Cool Toys' Help Scientist Make Geological Predictions
Saints & Sinners Both Find Moral Balance

2008 Articles:
Why Perfect Dates Make Lousy Partners
Power Doesn't Corrupt, Study Suggests
Curved Electronics Could Yield Eye-Like Digital Camera
Breaking Up Not So Hard, Study Finds
Smallest Black Hole Found
The Financial Fiasco: Emotional, Irrational, Inevitable

2007 Articles:
Social Networking Sites May Foster Same Old Divisions
Bad Behavior in Youth Linked to Career Problems Later
Subliminal Messages Fuel Anxiety
Your Boss Really is Clueless
Playing Music Makes You Smart

2006 Articles:
Study Reveals How Virus Harpoons Your Cells
Tomorrow's Robots Could Have Whiskers
Risk Takers Follow in Parents' Dangerous Footsteps

2005 Articles:
Tsunami Earthquake Three Times Larger Than First Thought
Study: Your Brain Works Like the Internet

2004 Articles:
Waste Not: Energy from Garbage and Sewage
Good As Gold, Small as Atoms

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