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Research Administration Training Materials

This page contains the most up-to-date reference materials for the Research Administration Training seminar. Check back periodically for the most current information.

All files are in PDF format.

Materials for January/February 2015 Seminar

Day 1: January 26

Day 1 Presentations

Individual documents:
Roles & Responsibilities
Policies and Procedures
Center for Comparative Medicine
Conflict of Interest
Export Controls

Day 2: January 28

Day 2 Presentations

Individual documents:
Research Safety
Cost Studies Office
F & A - Facilities and Administration Rate
Cost Sharing
Cost Transfers
Program Income/Service Centers
Core Facilities

Day 3: February 2

Day 3 Presentations

Individual documents:

OSR Overview
The Proposal Process
Post-Award Non-Financial Management
Spending & Payment Considerations
Award Close-out

Day 4: February 4

Day 4 Presentations

Individual documents:
Faculty Salary Plannning
Office of Research Development
Office of Foundation Relations
Corporate Engagement
Effort Reporting
Research Misconduct & Compliance
NUIT Administrative Systems

Materials By Topic

Topic Last Modified
Introduction January 2015
Award Close-out January 2015
Center for Comparative Medicine January 2015
Conflict of Interest January 2015
Core Facilities January 2015
Corporate Engagement January 2015
Cost Sharing January 2015
Cost Studies January 2015
Cost Transfers January 2015
Direct Charging
See: Faculty Salary Planning
Effort Reporting January 2015
Export Controls January 2015
F & A - Facilities and Administration Rate January 2015
Faculty Salary Planning January 2015
Foundation Relations January 2015
IACUC January 2015
INVO January 2015
IRB January 2015
NUCATS January 2015
NUIT January 2015
NURAP January 2015
Office for Research Development January 2015
OSR Overview January 2015
The Proposal Process January 2015
Post-Award Non-Financial Management January 2015
Policies and Procedures January 2015
Program Income/Service Centers January 2015
Project Café -- See NUIT
Research Misconduct & Compliance January 2015
Research Safety January 2015
Roles and Responsibilities January 2015
Spending & Payment Considerations January 2015

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