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Modular Grants: Quick Reference

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The following table details the differences between filling out a PHS398 form for a standard proposal and a modular proposal.

PHS Form 398

What is Different for Modular Grant

AA (Cover Sheet) 7a and 8a must show direct cost amount requested in $25,000 modules up to $250,000 per year of the grant (e.g., "$175,000). Use the internal NU/NIH Modular Grants Budget Tabulator form to help prepare your budget and derive the numbers to put in these fields.
BB (Abstract) No change
CC (Table of Contents) Use "NA" for Detailed Budget (DD) and for Other Support (GG)
DD (Detailed Budget ) Deleted.
EE (Multi-Year Budget/Justification) Deleted. Replace with NU/NIH Modular Grant Budget Justification

Samples of filled-out Justification forms:
Standard sample
VA joint appointment
Sample including additional modules

Information required on the Modular Grant Budget Justification:

  • Total Direct Costs Requested (All years combined) 
  • Total Direct Costs Requested (Each Year - normally this will be the same # of modules for each year) 
  • Narratives for PI and all other personnel, with position, role and % of effort on project--do not include salary information. For faculty with 9-month appointments, the percentage effort on the budget justification should distinguish between academic year and summer effort. Please note that NU does not voluntarily cost-share academic year time on a grant. That is, any effort proposed on a project should be included when determining the number of direct cost modules and should be directly charged to the sponsored project account. If cost-sharing is desired, documentation must be provided by the department to OSR. Cost-sharing commitments should be included on the NU/NIH budget justification page. Records confirming the actual performance of cost-shared effort must be retained by the department. 
  • Subcontracts/consortium arrangements 
    • Name of subcontractor 
    • Cost of subcontract by year (direct cost + subcontractor's F&A cost combined) to nearest $1,000 (not awarded in modules) 
    • Role on project. 
    • Names of subcontractor's key personnel and their % effort. 
    • Indicate whether subcontractor is domestic or foreign 
  • If requesting a different number of modules in one year, provide detailed explanation of why this is appropriate.  Do not include and other budget justification information. 
Note: Amount requested may not exceed $250,000 in direct costs for any single year of the proposal. If it does, use the regular PHS 398 requirements in lieu of the modular format. 
FF (Biographical Sketch) Increase page limit from 3 pages to 4 pages. Include required description of research projects relevant to the submitted application (ongoing or completed during the last three years) for the Principal Investigator and other key personnel, including consultants. List each project by agency and award number. Include individual's major goals and responsibilities for each project.

Do not include current and pending support.
GG (Other Support) Deleted (but selected information now captured in Biosketch -above)
HH (Resources) No change
II (Checklist) Complete as usual, except add "base x rate = F&A" (copied from internal NU Modular Budget Tabulator) for each year of the project under "Explanation" section in 3a. There is no grand total calculation. 
JJ (Personnel Report) (Renewals Only) No change
KK (PI/PD Personal Data form) No change

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