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OSR-6, OSR-7 Overview

Request to Issue a New Subagreement (OSR-6) or Request to Modify a Subagreement (OSR-7):

Detailed instructions for these forms are currently under development.

After an award has been issued, investigators or their business administrators should initiate the issuance or modification of any subagreements (subcontracts, consortium arrangements) by completing an OSR-6 or OSR-7 form, as applicable, and submitting it to OSR. Copies of these forms are available on the OSR Web site under "Forms," or paper copies may be obtained from either the Chicago or Evanston OSR offices. These forms authorize OSR to proceed with the issuance of subagreements and provide OSR with key information about the desired subcontractor and the terms (e.g., funding to be obligated, period of time, reporting requirements) of the proposed agreement. PIs should review the terms of their award to determine whether additional agency approval will be required before a subagreement can be issued. Subagreements previously proposed in grant application budgets often do not require additional agency approval. To determine whether additional agency approval is needed, contact the OSR research administrator serving the department. If agency approval is necessary, the investigator should write a letter to the agency, countersigned by OSR and accompanied by an OSR-2, explaining the need for the subcontract and outlining the proposed costs and any rebudgeting that would be needed to accomplish the task.

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