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last updated 09/08/09

General Award Administration Procedures

  • Investigator contacts OSR to make arrangements for pre-award spending if needed.
  • OSR reviews terms of award, and negotiates with sponsor, if needed.
  • When an award is accepted, OSR notifies the PI and sets up the account in the University's financial system.
  • Faculty and staff contact OSR about anticipated budget changes or extensions of time.
  • Faculty and staff send all correspondence of an administrative nature to OSR for review and endorsement prior to submitting to the external sponsor.
  • Faculty and staff discuss any significant project changes with OSR staff (e.g., workscope or extended absence of the PI) and jointly determine appropriate action.

Specific Award Topics

Negotiating and Accepting Agreements
Establishing Sponsored Project Accounts
Opening NUFinancials Accounts/ Rebudgeting
Restriction on Retroactive Payroll Adjustments
The 90-Day Rule
Prespending Accounts
Corporate Research Agreements
Effort Reporting
Fiscal Responsibility for Sponsored Projects
University Endorsement for Correspondence
Publication Citation Requirements
Summary of Actions Requiring NIH Prior Approval
Grant Transfer
Small Business Subcontracting Plans For Small And Small Disadvantaged Businesses

FDP Terms and Conditions

Appendix A
Compliance matrix

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