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Students to Build Ultimate Green Home in Hands-On Design Challenge

House by Northwestern part of 2017 DOE Solar Decathlon The sun will not just power one of Evanston’s newest homes; it will also help...
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Sound Leadership Begins in Silence

Ethical focus, desire to make a positive social impact guides Kellogg professor and Northwestern trustee Harry Kraemer Jr. It’s midnight and the house is...
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The Value of Investing in Transformative Ideas with Social Benefit

University research is awe inspiring and an engine for economic progress Cancer treatments. Efficient next-generation energy sources.  Breakthroughs in plant sciences to lessen hunger. ...
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Why The Humanities Matter With Wendy Wall

A caricature of scientific endeavor might place discovery at a remove from the people whose talents and curiosity drive progress, or those who benefit...
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Exploring The Journey Of Discovery With Mary Pattillo

Mary Pattillo’s groundbreaking scholarship on the black middle class has made her a celebrated thought leader in her field. Two of her books, Black...
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Kevin Boyle Reveals The History Of Racial Conflict Through The Eyes Of Everyday People

The 1960s were a crucible for profound, often turbulent, social change in America. Issues of economic and racial justice played out in the halls...
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